Friday, November 1, 2019

Starbucks Corporate Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Starbucks Corporate Culture - Essay Example More than half of these branches are located in the United States, with the United Kingdom following by far with more than 100 branches (Starbucks Corporation. 2008). The company’s corporate culture is one of the most relaxed, and considerate in regard to the community. It is classified amongst the companies where employees are satisfied with remuneration packages and other attached benefits even as companies are suffering due to financial crisis (Reilly, 2008). The company is largely focused on the empowerment of employees through several benefit schemes which assist in career development and improved productivity. Employee retention is enhanced, which contributes to the organization’s overall productivity. The management emphasizes on the improvement of skills amongst the employees through training. They are trained through workshops and other classes that offer essential information on coffee, such as the history of coffee production, customer satisfaction and several other vital subjects aimed at creating employee awareness. These are mandatory classes for new employees in the company (Rose 2002). On top of training, the organization portrays its considerate attention to all employees regardless of their employment terms in regard to whether they are full time or part time. Both groups are entitled to a health and dental benefits, insurance against disabilities, compensation during vacation and leave, programs meant to assist the employees in personal matters as well as personal and financial development (Richards, 2007). All the benefits that employees are entitled to, significantly contribute to organizational productivity. They generate a sense of appreciation amongst them, thereby improving their commitment to the achievement organizational goals. The flexibility of working whereby employees work part time and still get benefits as the full time workers is significant in the enhancement of work life balance amongst the employees. This helps in

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